Stephan van Rooij

Software architect with a passion for home automation.

Cancellable task with timeout


Don’t you like the async and await way of asynchronously programming in C#? I can tell you I like them a lot. Recently I came across a case where I wanted to add a timeout to an asynchronous task.

Create Outlook category for everyone


Did you know you can categorize items in your Outlook calendar to give them a different color (in most official Outlook clients)? You can help your users by pre-configuring some default categories. You can also create categories for your users if you have some automation to create items in their calendar by some automated way.

Protect against SSO for Graph PowerShell


Why would you want to disable SSO for some cloud app, we love SSO, it makes our life easier? I agree, single-sign-on is great, until it is used without the knowledge of a user that logged-in with his admin account (don’t do that!).

Replace an owner in all their Teams


Microsoft Teams without an owner are no longer manageable, so what happens if some user leaves the company and he/she was an owner in several Teams?

My open-source projects

My github repositories, last edited first.

A dotnet tool for parsing rss feeds and modifying a markdown file
:speaker: Sonos command line interface, control your speakers right from the console.
TypeScript 0 3
:speaker: Sonos control library, use this library in your own appliction.
TypeScript 38 13
🔊 📖 Sonos api documentation for the local UPNP api and a generator to generate clients based on service discovery
TypeScript 9 6
Github action to check if some secrets are set
JavaScript 4 1
:speaker: Sonos mqtt controller. Control your speakers from your mqtt server. mqtt-smarthome insprired.
TypeScript 53 16
Publish data from your Smart meter with a P1 interface to you MQTT server.
TypeScript 23 6
Control your Honeywell Evohome from node.js
TypeScript 1 0
The Teams UI but then for developers
HTML 0 0
Page describing the legality of scooters with kick support
HTML 0 0

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