Stephan van Rooij

Software architect with a passion for home automation.

My open-source projects

My github repositories, last edited first.

:speaker: Sonos command line interface, control your speakers right from the console.
TypeScript 0 1
:speaker: Sonos control library, use this library in your own appliction.
TypeScript 25 12
:speaker: Sonos mqtt controller. Control your speakers from your mqtt server. mqtt-smarthome insprired.
TypeScript 46 12
🔊 📖 Sonos api documentation for the local UPNP api and a generator to generate clients based on service discovery
TypeScript 5 5
Publish data from your Smart meter with a P1 interface to you MQTT server.
TypeScript 15 2
Telnet socket made easy
TypeScript 0 0
Control your Honeywell Evohome from node.js
TypeScript 1 0
Connect the Elekstube clock to the internet, to fix the time keeping issue.
A text-to-speech server for node-sonos-ts
TypeScript 2 0
A dashboard to control devices on your mqtt server.
TypeScript 1 0

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