Coding Stephan

WordPress just got even better!

Yesterday WordPress 4.4 was released, with this version they improved this product even more.

The most notable new features are, support for oEmbed and an integrated REST API.

What is oEmbed and why is this a new amazing feature? oEmbed is a specification for embedding content from an other website right inside the consuming website. This enables (for instance) Twitter to display the excerpt of a post instead of just a link to your wordpress website. This specification is originally design by (members of) Flicr, but with the wordpress implementation the adoption will get even bigger.

The REST API started as a plugin but will now be integrated into the wordpress core. This means that everyone can start using the WordPress REST API even easier. This doesn’t seem to be such a big change, but it might be very useful when creating a custom wordpress theme. Loading more posts without navigating to an other page just got easier. You can even use a wordpress website as a backend for a mobile application.

This looks like a magical solution for everything, but it also has a flaw. [opinion_ON] The rest API returns to much information [opinion_OFF], but this can be fixed with my own REST Api - Filter fields plugin. Explained in this other post.

Apart from this flaw I really like the REST API, and also love the fact that they are finally integrating it in the WordPress core!