Coding Stephan

Git extra author

If someone else created some sourcecode, but for whatever reason they aren’t the one adding it to the repository. You can still have their name/photo in the git commit.

Add an extra author

Just add the following to the commit message.

Co-authored-by: Name <>

Add an extra author (no public email)

If the extra author doesn’t want his/her email to become public. Or you don’t know their emailaddress. You can use a special emailaddress. That way github will still connect the right user, but their email stays protected (or unknown).

  1. Get the correct username
  2. Get the Github user ID try this page
  3. format the email like [userID]+[github_username]

Or generate the Co-Authored text here.

Contribute code to me

So you want to commit code to me? You the following in your commit message (yes the empty line is required).

Co-authored-by: Stephan van Rooij <>