Stephan van Rooij

Software architect with a passion for home automation.

Introducing OBS Clock


I like to make my Team meetings a little more interactive, so I use OBS to make my webcam look more awesome. I’ve setup hosting for some javascript clock I found on the web somewhere.

Introducing the analog clock overlay

OBS allows you to overlay you webcam with all sort of things, there also is a browser source The browser source allows to you add a webpage as an overlay to your “production”, it even “hides” the background automatically by turning the background color to transparant with some custom css.

  1. Add a new browser source to a new scene.
  2. Set the url to
  3. And set the height to half the width. Height: 175 width: 350 works great for me.
  4. Drag the clock to the right spot.

OBS Screenshot

How does the clock work

The clock is just a page with some javascript on it. It takes the current time of your computer and updates the clock accordingly every 100ms.

Professioneel online presenteren


Iedereen is steeds meer online aan het communiceren op dit moment, dat is heel begrijpelijk in de huidige situatie. Hier zal ik in het kort proberen uit te leggen hoe je redelijk eenvoudig een professionele presentatie kan geven.

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