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Teams Hacktogether: Idea

A few months ago, my friend Jan Bakker came to me, with a great idea. He had a client that asked “Can we show the applications from the My Apps page inside of Teams?” I thought this was an interesting idea, and checked the documentation on the Microsoft Graph only to find out that you cannot easily access that information.

Hacktogether Teams

Fast forward a few months and I noticed Microsoft was organizing a Teams Hackathon. And got triggered to look into the question Jan asked me months earlier. Let’s see if we can accomplish that what his client asked for.

Learning new stuff

I was already involved in the development of a Teams app, but that was build in Angular, a JavaScript framework. This time I wanted to learn new stuff, so I set some ground rules for myself.

  • Start from the Teams Toolkit, so no manual messing with debugging, port forwarding, deployment stuff.
  • Build it in Blazor
  • Host on Azure (preferably Azure Static Webapps).


I really like contributing to the community, so I though I’ll write up what I found during this journey. Check out the other posts on the topic.

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