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Teams Hacktogether: Entry

Microsoft organized a Teams Hacktogether hackathon, we had a great idea. This post will show you our entry.

MyApps in Teams

The current version of our Teams Tab is build as a Blazor Server app. We are currently in the proces of deploying it to the cloud and not just running it locally.

Main features:

  • Access Microsoft MyApps through an internal api
  • Access signins (no access without admin consent)
  • Onboarding new users, where they can easily update their profile right inside Teams
  • Blog posts from this blog

Future improvements

In the previous post I explained we would like to see if we could migrate our application to Blazor WebAssembly. Running this app client side seems like a better idea privacy wise. We don’t want to load the personal apps on our server, just to proxy it to the client.

The onboarding screen could be extended to ask more questions and maybe even to be hidden once the user has filled it in.

We also want to show the list of recent signins, but there is no api for that just yet. We could investigate if we could load the same data from the Graph api, but then we would need to filter based on current user and if our application is moved to Blazor WebAssembly the user would be able to change the used url an get signins from other users. There should be a personal endpoint where you can see all the signins for the current user, without granting direct access to all signins in the tenant.

Hackathon vide

I really like joining (virtual) hackathons, you get to build (new) stuff and learn something. I usually try something else. So for this hackathon we’ve build an app in Blazor. The developer flow is really nice. Save and go.

If you ever organize a hackathon be sure to send me a message, and maybe I’ll join again.

During this proces there was some actual hacking / research, this was really cool to figure out.

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