Stephan van Rooij

Software architect with a passion for home automation.

Extract all users with powershell and what to do about it part two


In a previous post I showed how to extract all users from a Microsoft 365 tenant, and what you should do about that. If you followed along that leak got restricted. The Azure AD module isn’t the only way to extract user information from a tenant. This post will show you how to do the same (extract all users to csv file) with the Graph PowerShell modules and what you should do about that.

An introduction to


Developers and admins love to open apps using their keyboard, with all kinds of shortcuts. Merill Fernando made something really usefull called Continue reading to see what it is and how you can use it yourself. screenshot

2022: An exciting year


Previous year was quite exciting, a lot has happened. In this post I look back on my most popular posts in 2022 and some of the open-source projects I enjoyed building.

Every project needs a badge


You just created a new open-source project. Great, you rock! A lot of repositories have these nice images showing dynamic details of the repository. How does that work? By using these dynamic badges you can really make your repository stand out.

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My open-source projects

My github repositories, last edited first.

Sonos2mqtt companion for Home Assistant
Python 3 0
Reading data from your solar inverter
TypeScript 1 0
A dotnet tool for parsing rss feeds and modifying a markdown file
:speaker: Sonos mqtt controller. Control your speakers from your mqtt server. mqtt-smarthome insprired.
TypeScript 57 17
Microsoft Graph Service Client batching extensions
:speaker: Sonos control library, use this library in your own appliction.
TypeScript 61 13
Send your Teams Status to any webhook in realtime
πŸ”Š πŸ“– Sonos api documentation for the local UPNP api and a generator to generate clients based on service discovery
TypeScript 16 7
Publish data from your Smart meter with a P1 interface to you MQTT server.
TypeScript 26 5
Telnet socket made easy
TypeScript 0 0