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Smartmeter2mqtt InfluxDB output

In the latest version we also support InfluxDB as an output. This means you can configure your own dashboards really easily.

InfluxDB energy dasbboard

Configure InfluxDB

You will just have to configure the following options to have your usage data automatically uploaded to InfluxDB.

Name Argument Environment prefix with SMARTMETER_ Description
Influx url --influx-url influx-url Set this to the url you got from your Influx host
Influx token --influx-token influx-token Set this to the token you created, it has to have write access to the bucket
Influx organization --influx-org influx-org For local you can pick this yourself, for hosted it probably is your emailaddress
Influx bucket --influx-bucket influx-bucket The bucket where you want to store the readings


You can use the dashboard above by importing this file into influx.

InfluxDB Cloud or local

You can host InfluxDB really easy inside docker or create a free account at, pick whichever suits your needs.