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Sonos SOAP Services

Every sonos speaker has several soap services. Each service has one or more actions you can call.

UPNP specifications

Sonos speaker follow the MediaServer:4 and MediaRenderer:3 specifications by the Open Connectivity Foundation. These documents can provide you with some extra guidelines.

All available services

Service Description
AlarmClock Control the sonos alarms
AVTransport Service that controls stuff related to transport (play/pause/next/special urls)
ContentDirectory Browse for local content
DeviceProperties Modify device properties, like led status and stereo pairs
GroupRenderingControl Volume related controls for groups. Group volume is the average volume of all players. Snapshot stores the volume ratio between players.
MusicServices External music services
Queue Modify and browse queues
RenderingControl Volume related controls
SystemProperties Manage system-wide settings, mainly account stuff.
ZoneGroupTopology Zone config stuff, eg getting all the configured sonos zones.

UPNP errors

These are the default UPNP errors.

Error code Description
400 Bad request
401 Invalid action
402 Invalid args
404 Invalid var
412 Precondition failed
501 Action failed
600 Argument value invalid
601 Argument value out of range
602 Optional action not implemented
603 Out of memory
604 Human intervention required
605 Sring argument too long
606 Action not authorized
607 Signature failure
608 Signature missing
609 Not encrypted
610 Invalid sequence
611 Invalid control URL
612 No such session

This file is automatically generated with @svrooij/sonos-docs, do not edit manually.

Device Software generation Software version Discovery date
Sonos One (S13) S2 63.2-90210 2021-07-21T23:31:19.273Z
Sonos Roam (S27) S2 63.2-90210 2021-07-21T23:31:31.207Z
Sonos Play:5 (S6) S2 63.2-90210 2021-07-21T23:31:45.324Z
Sonos Sub (Sub) S2 63.2-90210 2021-07-21T23:31:40.304Z
Sonos Play:1 (S1) S1 57.6-88280 2021-07-21T14:51:41.469Z
Sonos Play:5 (S5) S1 57.6-88280 2021-07-21T14:51:44.187Z
Sonos Playbar (S9) S1 57.6-88280 2021-07-21T14:51:47.050Z